Work at ISPD Group

The ISPD’s overall vision is to democratise diplomacy in a multicultural environment, where
innovation in tradition is integrated with the evolution and construction of the future of
relationships in global affairs. The ISPD corporate culture is one striving for excellence and
interdependence with strong ties worldwide. We work with 96 countries through 17 offices,
including our headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Europe. At ISPD, we aim to provide opportunities for our team members to grow and advance in their roles.

Who we hire

The ISPD Group employs team members capable of advancing the company’s objectives. While we look for skills specific to each vacancy, our ideal employees will also possess the following essential traits:

- Integrity & Team

Our staff are not afraid to work or get their hands dirty, which occasionally means working around the clock. Our ideal candidates will begin by asking "What are my responsibilities? before asking "What are my rights?". They will also be individuals capable of putting the needs of the team ahead of their own. In exchange, employees receive fair remuneration, and a safe and pleasant work environment.

- Loyal & Long term Oriented

Someone who gives the president a 10-fold return on ISPD’s investment in them. We are looking for hard-working team members who have a fundamental commitment to the growth, development and quality standards of the ISPD.

- Responsible & Detailed

Protocol is about efficiency, responsibility and detail. We expect our team members to adhere to the same standards as those taught to our participants and clients. We are most interested in fast learners with good attention to detail.

- Fast Learners & Progress-oriented

As we are in the knowledge and education industry, we want doers with strong skills. It is important to us that all staff members are transparent, honest, responsible and know when to ask for help in order to avoid mistakes.

Why work with us

- Vision

Our vision is to change relationships globally between governments and companies. We’re advancing processes yet to be understood by others. We create the language, inclusive of you and your ideas; you are part of us from day one.

- Benefits

We reward performance. We pay commensurate with your commitment and what you can achieve. We are only as successful as you are…We provide packages that reflect that added value that you bring to the ISPD and we teach you how to calculate your own value.

- Challenging

We are demanding perfectionists who won’t settle for mediocre employees or weak justifications. We care about those who want to work among us who are professionals, precise, possessors of brilliant minds, geniuses and strategists.