Solutions ISPD Impact

The ISPD Impact is evolving from a resource-based company to a knowledge-based company. It is therefore well-positioned in today's world to address the increasing demands of our clients for both capacity building services and consultancy, through exclusive representation and governmental and global affairs reinforcement.

Analytics and Recommendations

The ISPD Impact's internationally recognised research methodology, and content and analysis professionals help our clients turn their ad hoc information into added value by finding the data, content and reports that matter, and turning that data into recommendations for their businesses.

Sponsorship & Brand Strategy

National, regional and international brand building has become extremely challenging for the majority of companies. they often suffer with the optimisation of what they’ve built under one umbrella and their business development. The out of reach understanding translates into a non-efficient new clients conversion process and ad hoc actions and no clear view of the effectiveness of processes.
The ISPD Impact is able to help organisations understand the effectiveness of their partnership developments and marketing strategies to improve processes and reporting among teams. We collaborate with our clients to find alternative solutions that resonate with their voices and positioning in the world.

Strategic Communications Intelligence

The strategic communications world has changed; the stakes are higher. Current fast-paced strategic communication demands are no longer optional, they are mandatory.
Teneo partners directly with the CEOs and senior leaders of the world’s largest companies, institutions and governments to create, enhance and protect reputation equity in today’s ever-changing environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To give, comply and impact are the three success elements of a CSR strategy. The what, why, where, how and how much defines a company’s reputation management and the influence of their stakeholders’ relationships. ISPD Impact’s team of experts create value for our clients through corporate responsibility programs, membership proposals and sponsorship frameworks.
The impact we make is a high-level, segmented, sustainable stakeholder engagement and improvement throughout our clients global gifts and partnerships for its ROI.

Government, Corporate Diplomacy & External Affairs

The world has become trilateral between public sector, private sector and civil society. It is mandatory that corporate CEOs and company leaders take into account the direct effect that geopolitical dynamics and regulatory decisions have on the success and survival of their businesses. ISPD Impact provides strategic, tactical advice through a unique cycle of intelligence.
Our team is comprised of senior policy, cultural, political, communications and reputation specialists. They combine the ability to work across cultures, borders and markets with a deep knowledge of all major national, regional and international political systems, governments and markets.

Concept Design

Launching a new image, new products or a new company is a high-level process full of challenges. A combination of the right plan, efficiency and the right teamgives the spillover effect that the company wants to see happen with “smart moves”.
Through design thinking techniques supported by a global business intelligence, ISPD Impact experts focus on designing, assessing, proposing, running and innovating new concepts. From initial evaluation of the market opportunity, to leading ongoing operations, our team advises company leaders throughout the process of creating net new value and opportunity.

Capacity Building

New training and education products have changed substantially over the last few years, and are now supported by automatic manual processes, intelligent data decisionsand niche markets which are needs-assessment based.
The ISPD Impact represents training and education products by different providers, for different markets.

Cross-cultural Intelligence

65% of the world’s working population work in an international environment. Therefore, it is important to understand diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes in order to achieve overall success. The ISPD Impact produce reporting and assessment data to prepare account managers for cross-cultural communication with individuals and companies.

Geopolitical Intelligence

The ISPD helps its clients mitigate political and security risks within the international trade context. Through the ISPD global network, our team of experts and unbeatable methodology, we transform geopolitical changes into global advantages.

International Protocol